Niall #imagine 1

Waiting patiently for the sound of the front door opening downstairs, you sit back on Niall’s bed. You look around his familiar bedroom, and smile at the photos pinned to the side of his mirror, ones from the old days before the x factor, and then ones with the boys. There’s one of him and his Mum, and you sigh at how adorable he is. There’s that one photo you love, it’s just you and him; your favourite photo. His arm is around you, and you’re resting your head against his side. Grinning like an idiot you lay back against his pillow and breathe in his scent, longing for the sound of his voice to ring through the empty apartment and for his hands to be around your waist once more. It had been too long this time.

You hear a key being pushed into the lock and then it closing softly as downstairs someone’s footsteps move through the hallway. You jump up excitedly, suddenly feeling like the old fangirl you used to be, and still are even.

     ”Babe, you home?” Niall calls, his accent almost floating up the stairs and making you weak. 


You run down the stairs in just a vest top and pjama shorts, not caring how ridiculously you’re smiling, tears forming in your eyes. “I’ve missed you so, so much,” you say, flinging yourself into his arms as he outstretches them to hug you.


    “Aww I’ve missed you too, y’know,” he laughs, standing amongst suitcases and bags now abandoned at the bottom of the stairs and holding you close. “The best thing about tour is knowing that when I get back, you’ll always be waiting for me babe.”

You basically melt, as he holds you tight and whispers in your ear.

     ”Seriously, I really have missed you,” he smiles. 

You both stand there in the darkness of the hallway. He looks you in the eyes and you stare back into his, your heart thudding. He lifts your chin up to kiss you gently, tracing a tongue along your top lip and pulling you closer.

     ”I need you,” you whisper, teasing him slightly. You can’t help it, you just can’t. He looks so fit tonight; his hair messy and his arms warm and strong around you. 

     “Come here then,” he laughs, taking off his hoody and dragging you by the hand to the couch.

He kicks off his shoes and takes off his blue Jack Wills hoody, throwing it over the chair.

     “Hhm, remind me of how beautiful you are again…?” he murmurs, lying back on the sofa and smiling at you mischievously. You laugh and peel back his polo, revealing his bare torso that looks especially inviting in the dimmed light.

      “You know what your problem is?” you ask, tracing a hand down his side and leaning up to kiss his lips. “You’re too cute for your own good.”

He makes a small moan in his throat as you bite his lip gently. Slowly, he pulls you on top of him and runs a hand up the back of your top, his fingers making your skin tingle and your heart race.

     “Why do you do this to me…” you whisper, forgetting about anything else in the world at the moment. All you can feel is his lips on yours and his hands gently caressing you, making their way up your body and helping you to lift your shirt up over your head.

      “Now I’m climbing the walls, but you don’t notice at all,” he whispers.

      “That I’m going out of my mind…”

     “All day, and all night.” He smiles and you close your eyes as he kisses your neck.

     “I love you Niall Horan,” you say in his ear, smelling his scent.

     “I love you too,” he smiles. “And I’m so glad to be back.”